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Monday, October 13, 2014

Moo Cow Monday, Baby!

What makes your Monday?
Moo Cows make mine!

This weekend was a busy time for us, on the ranch.
Not that we aren't ever not busy.

Drewman came home again.

We loaded weaners and took them to the working pens, 3 miles down the road.
Boy will we be glad when we finish the remainder of the pens, at home.

Bag were cut from the bulls, that were banded the weekend before.
Ode' D Smell of Bag Cutting
Turning Bulls into Steers!
A new Rancher Girl scent.
It Stinks!

The weaners were turned to pasture.

The weaners will stay in this pasture, for the next 45 days or so, then they will be read to sell.
The steers will be sold as graze out calves for wheat pasture.
We hope to sell the heifers as replacement heifers.

We love the life we live!

Rancher Girl

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