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Friday, October 17, 2014

Huge Things Happening On The Ranch

Many folks have been wondering what we have been doing these past weeks, other than building working pens and training German Shepherd puppies.

We don't know how else to announce it...


We are still working on a few pages.
For the most part, the site is complete.
It is live!

We are beyond excited!

Everything is all on one site.

We are also thrilled to announce...

Rockin' B Ranch is the proud sponsor of 
Charlee Long!
Charlee is a hard working barrel racer, trainer and cowgirl!
She is on the road to big places.
Charlee is the type of girl My Daddy would be proud to sponsor.
She has chosen one of our GSD puppies, as her traveling partner.
Jax already knows his job and will be delivered to Charlee in a few days.
We are honored to have one of our pups be Charlee's companion and protector.
They are going to be a great team!

All of our hard work, diligence and efforts are paying off.
 Dreams Do Come True!

Huge Things Happening On The Ranch!

NONE of this could have been possible without the Grace of God, our families, our kids and The Twisted Pro!
Kristen has built the entire website!
We are so blessed to have her on our team and have her friendship.

We can't wait to see what's next!

We love the life we live!

Charlee said it best in her announcement.
"More details on the way for where we are headed! Welcome to the ride!!!"

Rancher Girl

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