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Thursday, October 2, 2014

From Bad to Good in One Hop

Have you ever had a morning that was bad, then all of the sudden it was good?

This morning was one of those mornings, at the ranch!

Alarms go off pretty early, for farm and ranch folks.
Flower Boy's alarm went off.
He crawled out of bed, WAY before daylight.
Let the puppies out of their crate.
Opened the door to take them out to potty.
Walked them out the side garage door.
Was met by Charlie Horse!

Charlie Horse had gotten out of his pasture.

Flower Boy said it scared the .... out of him.
I've said this before,
There is something about a man and his horse.
Their bond.
The smell.
The whistle.

Flower Boy turned around.
Brought the puppies back into the house.
Then returned Charlie Horse back to his pasture and checked fence.

Each morning, before I head off to work,
I check to make sure everything is where it should be.

This morning, as I walked to check,
I found the chickens hadn't been locked in their coop, last night.
Major Rancher Girl Fail!

This could have been tragic!
Predators could have gotten in the coop and destroyed the flock.
Drewman will read this and I will get a call.

To top it all off,
A soaking rain missed the ranch by a few miles.
We really need rain.

As I was walking back to the house,
I spotted something on the bathroom window.
Upon further inspection,
It was a little green frog!
 He hopped!
I jumped!
Then snapped another photo!
As I was driving out the drive,
I looked north.
 One mile down the road.

As I got to the highway,
I looked south.
 Then back east.

My morning turned from bad to good.
All it took was one little hop!

Feeling Froggy?
Just Jump!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Rancher Girl

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