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Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Had a New Baby

You may remember from past posts, we have mostly spring born calves, with a few fall born.
We had a new baby on Monday!
Technically, she (IT'S A GIRL!) was spring born.
Summer didn't officially start until today!

The problem is, this baby was born really late for a spring born and really early for a fall born.
When you sell calves, you want them paired up into groups the same sex, size, height and weight.
This little girl will have no one to pair up with, unless she has a large growth spurt.
Single calves don't sell as well as those sold in groups.

Number 6, the momma, had a fall born calf last season.
When #6 was purchased, she hurt her foot coming off the trailer.
We had to keep her in the lot and away from the other cattle, for her foot to heal.
Therefore, she didn't breed with the other girls.
Thus, the fall born calf.

Labor Day weekend, last fall, we moved all the girls to another pasture and weaned calves.
Number 6's baby was to young to wean.
Our plan was to move #6 and another fall calving momma off to a different pasture.
Well... Then on Labor Day, we had a HOUSE FIRE!
If you haven't ever had such an event happen in your life,
Let me tell you...
After such an event, you don't worry or even think about your cattle for a while.
Long story sort...
Number 6 stayed with the bull and got bred.
The result...
A late spring/early summer baby girl!

I drive past the pasture, where the older cows are located, on my drive to and from work.
Monday morning, I told Flower Boy,
"I think we have a new baby!"
His response, "Where?"
I said something like this...
 "In Babe's pasture.  I think it's number 6.  She was along the side of the hill.  No other cows were around.  The baby is too little to be one of the older ones."
I needed Flower Boy to know I was paying attention and don't just drive past the pastures without watching for the cattle.
He agrees it could be #6 and says, "We will go look this evening."

I love the new camera!
It allows me to zoom in really close.
Momma doesn't like us getting too close to her baby.

And off they go!
This is a sign of a good momma.

Now we have to decide to keep #6 with this group of mommas or move her and the baby off with the other fall born mommas.
Just one, of the many, ranch management decisions that have to be made.
Either way, we have a baby!
Babies are our income!
 Even if they aren't born in the correct seasons.

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