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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Have a New Title

I will ALWAYS be Daddy's Rancher Girl!
This weekend, Flower Boy gave me a new title.

We purchased a camera, since ours burned in the house fire.
I spent most of the weekend playing with it.
I don't have it all figured out.
I am having fun with it.

Here is a few shots of the 100 or so I took.

This is the pasture with the momma cows.

Their babies are the younger group of calves.

I LOVE this picture!

Cletus!  He is Big Daddy of this pasture!

I had to get the canine members of our family, since Flower Boy and Drewman won't allow me to photograph them.
Ailey Mae will have puppies in a week or so.

He loves his frisbee/bucket lid.
Ailey Mae and Onyx will have beautiful puppies!

He is always on point!

She is so pretty!

Drewman is playing catch with Pete.
Watch the next few frames...

So cool!
I really like that feature of the camera.

Life outside our front door, at the pond.
These three photos were zoomed in from our porch.

Back at the pasture with the heifers and the older babies.
Remember Chrome?

I really like their faces!

A group of the older babies.
This makes a Rancher Girl smile!

Found this on the side of a hill.
Kinda neat!

Remember that cactus growing in the yard?
I might like it now...

Flower Boy and Charlie
They are a team.
To watch them cut or corral cattle...
You would just have to see it!
Maybe, I can get some pictures of them working soon.

A few of Drewman's EGGcelent EGG Layers.

Hope you enjoyed the photos?
The Ranch Photographer

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