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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Texture Tuesday ~ Top Rail

I haven't blogged much this summer and many of you have reached out asking why.
I really do have a good excuse.
One thing I have noticed, about being empty nested, is I work more than I take pictures and it is hard to find time to fit everything into my day that I want to get done.

We have worked all summer on pens.
That is to say between day jobs and rains.
We are thankful for an abundance of moisture this summer.
The grass has remained green and the cattle fat!
The temperatures have been below normal up to last week too!

Today, for Texture Tuesday, I thought I would share with you how the guys, Flower Boy and Drewman, prepare and place top rail.
Top rail is just what it sounds like.
It is the top rail of the pen.

(I have blogged these before.)
Once the posts are set, they must have saddles cut.
 The top rail will set in the saddle, much like a cowboy sets in his horse saddle.
Once all the saddles are cut, a 30 foot joint of pipe is brought in.
It is placed in the saddles.
 The joints of pipe thread together.
The thread screws the two pieces of pipe together like placing a nut on a bolt.
The pipe is then welded at the saddle to secure the top rail.

We have set over 70 posts, put up over 350 feet of top rail and have 160 feet of top rail left to place.
This does not include the bottom rail.
Panels were added just as there were in this post, during phase 1.

I have lost count on the amount of welding supplies purchased and couldn't begin to tell you the amount of time we have worked.
Let's just say we have been a bit busy!
We do have working pens and an alley!

The sweep tub and working chute are in place too!
Look for tomorrow's post to see how they work!

Rancher Girl

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