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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Texture Tuesday ~ Loading Alley

A few weeks ago, this went into place.
Flower Boy purchased this several years ago.
I will never forget the day I pulled this thing home!
It was back in the day when Flower Boy was an active police officer.
He just happened to be on shift, at the time of his purchase, therefore it was up to me to Cowgirl Up and get this monster sucker home!
I had a nervousness in the pit of my stomach the entire 45 mile trip, with this thing pulling behind the truck, back to the ranch.

You might be asking "What is that thing?"
It is a portable loading alley that is used to load and unload cattle to and from semi trailers.

On the day, a few weeks ago, when this thing was put into place,
I got another nervousness in the pit of my stomach!
This time it wasn't a "how am I going to do this" type feeling.
It was a "this is real and happening" type feeling!

This also started the completion of Phase 4, of our working pens!

The guys started hanging guard rail, in the area, where the stock trailers will back up to load and unload cattle.
 We were blessed the guard rail from My Sissy, her hubby and his brother.
They used guard rail on their working pens and gave us the extra when their job was complete.
 It was so hot during the time this guard rail was placed, the guys worked at dusk and even into the darkness, to stay cool while under the welding hood.

This is a small area.
Drewman is actually standing in the loading alley where the cattle will go to the holding pens.

This past weekend, Flower Boy called in his boys to help.
The guard rail is too heavy for the three of us to wrangler.
Actually, it is entirely to heavy for me to even attempt to pickup!
 I think these sections, of guard rail, are 20 feet each.
Two sections completed one row, on the long side, of the loading alley.
 Flower Boy was one happy man!
A Father and His Boys!
Although only one of these boys are ours, we don't know what we would do without these young men!
We were missing one, on this day.
Darn those day jobs and college homework!
No matter the time or request, these young men always make themselves available to help out at the ranch!
Thanks Boys!
We love and appreciate you more than just the food we feed you!
 Drewman spent his day under the welding hood!
His face may not show it, but he loves it!
 Row two up!

 Row three!

 The last panel of guard rail!
 This is the view from the holding pen.
The cattle will move down the alley and into the trailer.
Loading alley complete!
On the right, you will see the gate leading to the working alley.
The gate can swing both directions, allowing cattle to be moved out of the holding pen, into the working alley, or allowing cattle to be moved directly off the trailer into the working alley towards the chute.

Flower Boy did a awesome job of designing these pens!
He and Drewman have done a stellar job of building them!

I, on the other hand, have simply been the go-fer and helper.
I have enjoyed every second of working side by side with the guys.
It has brought me so much joy and memories of times working with My Daddy as his helper.

These pens have been a solid year of work, welding and fabrication.
After so much sweat, labor and dollars put into them, it does give a since of nervousness!
It is an excited and good nervousness!
A feeling of accomplishment and reaching of goals nervousness!
That type of nervousness that is only felt with the achievement of dreams!

We have one more phase to complete.
That is when we can say "Our work is done!"
Then I get to paint!

Have a great Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

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