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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rockin' B GSD Snow Dogs

Today, as the temperatures are climbing from the past two weeks of 3 Oklahoma snow storms, I am looking back through photos and see two things in common.


All of the Rockin' B GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) are Snow Dogs!
They just LOVE the white stuff!

His love is a toss up between his lid/frisbee or the snow.

She pouts because here momma makes her come in and begs to go back out again!

Our sponsor pup!
He loves his snow time!

His momma sent these updates this week!

Jack and Bella!
There is even snow in Arkansas!
It has become very difficult to know who is who in updates.
Jack is on the left and Bella on the right.

Howler is a male owned by cousin Tonya.
We have plans to use Howler as a breeding male in the future.
He weighs 91 lbs and is a solid black beau like Onyx.

We must not leave out Ailey Mae!
She and Onyx have quite the play time with their Daddy Flower Boy!

I know they love the snow and cold temperatures, but I am ready for the spring thaw!


If you analyze each one of these photos, you will see all of the Rockin' B GSDs have straight backs and hips.
It is what we breed!
The straight backs and hips produce better working dogs, in our opinion.
They are less likely to have issues as they get older and grow.

Onyx, weighing in at 120 lbs, has never had a back or hip issue.
Ailey Mae either.
Not a single one of our litter pups.
All Rockin' B GSDs are considered the Original Breed Standard German Shepherd.
Old school, if you will...
A Threatened Breed

Many German Shepherds are bred for confirmation and angulation, producing a "show style" GSD.
These traits cause so many issues as those pups grow into adults.
The industry is seeing more pups being put down, at a young age, due to hip dysplasia, with this type of breeding.

At the Rockin' B, we do what we can to bring back the original look and health of the German Shepherd breed!
You tell us which image, in the above photo, looks like a more powerful German Shepherd Dog?
We already know!
They run and work on our ranch, daily!

Thanks for stopping by!
Rancher Girl

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