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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 9 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

Another busy week of jockeying puppies.
As we said last week, we don't want these boys going to closed in back yards or homes that don't understand the German Shepherd Breed needs.
We want them to have plenty of room to roam and play.
It's not always easy to match up a puppy with the proper home.
The relationship needs to be a good fit, for both the new owner and the puppy.

Big Boy found that perfect fit this week!
He is going to a cattle ranch in SE Oklahoma!
I'm not sure who is more excited,
His new momma or me!
It was a hard decision for her and her husband to make.
I did my best not to push Big Boy or Kingston.
I tried to give the best descriptive information I could, for both, and attempted to remain neutral.
All the while, I was praying they would pick Big Boy.
He is the perfect puppy for them!
He will be a stupendous mascot for their ranch!
Big Boy possesses all the qualities they were looking for in a puppy.
We deliver him, to their ranch, this weekend.
I can't wait to meet my new Rancher Girlfriend!

We send Jazz's new momma texts and photos of his progress, often.
  His new momma is very excited to get him too, as are we.
Again, this is a perfect fit!
Jazz will be going to a home filled with little boys!
They will love him and play fetch with him.
Jazz is the puppy that wants to be in your lap.
He wants to know what you are doing and how you are doing it.
We have no doubt Jazz will love his new home, as much as, his new momma already loves him.

We are so pleased to be placing Big Boy and Jazz in such good quality loving homes!

Kingston still hasn't found that perfect owner.
But he will!
It is only a matter of time.
Kingston is the long haired puppy of the group.
He is the shy one.
He does love water.
He really enjoys playing with toys.
Kingston always keeps a low profile!
He lays in the shadows waiting to pounce!
Where Big Boy is stealthy, Kingston is the sneaky one.

As you can see from the photos, the boy's ears are just about to pop!
Then there will be a few weeks their ears will be really floppy.
Sometimes they will stand.
Sometimes they will flop over.
Sometimes there will be one ear up and one down.
I love to watch their ears!
It really brings out the personality of each one of them.
German Shepherd's ears don't normally stand alone until the puppy is 12 to 16 weeks of age.

Each one of the boys got collars this week.
Red, Blue and Black
Big Boy got Blue.
Jazz got Red.
And Kingston got Black.
We thought they would fight to take them off.
The collars never bothered them.

Last week, we started working on "Sit! Stay!"
 The boys are heeling quite well.
Therefore, we will be working on some leash training this week.

The boys were also introduced to balls.
OH MY!!!
They are like kittens with a ball of yarn!
They chase those balls all over the house.

The boys also love water bottles!
They steal from one another, run and hide.
They love the crunch noise when they chew on them.
There have been times, all three have been playing tug of war with a water bottle.
Have you ever watched 3 puppies attempt to go into different directions with the same toy.

Speaking of tug of war...
They love that too!
They have a toy ball with several pieces of rope running through it.
They play with that thing all the time!

When playtime is over, the boys crash!
 Sometimes the toys make it back in the crate and sometimes not.

All three of the boys are totally potty trained!
They each go to the door and sit when they need to go out.
Potty is their key word. 
We ask "Potty?" and they will run to the door, if they haven't been out in awhile.

They have almost outgrown their crate.
Not much room to wiggle in there!
This is Ailey Mae's crate, so it isn't small!
No worries about Ailey Mae...
She has found a new bed!
We have been wondering how the dirt and mud was getting on the chairs.
Now we know!

The boys go back to see Dr. Brett, on Saturday, for their second round of shots and final vet check, before they go to their new homes.
Then we are off to deliver Big Boy to his new momma.
Jazz's family will get him on the 30th.
Kingston will find a wonderful home soon.  

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