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Friday, August 16, 2013

There WAS This Tree

While setting on our front porch, looking out over our beautiful pond, I once said "I just wish that dang tree were gone!"
Flower Boy looked at me, saying, "What tree?"
I pointed, "That one!"
He gets up from his chair and walks into the garage.
Drewman says, "Where is he going?"
I respond, "To get his chainsaw and cut down that tree."
Flower Boy then exits the garage with chainsaw in hand.

I am well aware Flower Boy spoils me!
But it works both ways.
He doesn't have to ask for things either.
There is a Love and Respect between us that is never failing.
We have to work at it and it isn't always as easy as saying,
"I wish that dang tree were gone!"

Before I could make it into the house, to get the camera, the cutting had began!

Drewman had to run in to put on his shoes!

And just like that!
That dang tree was gone!

The next morning, we were cleaning up the final trunk and branches.
We found this!
The tree had a huge nest of black ants living in it!
I thought the tunnels the ants made were kind of neat.

The removal of "that dang tree" has prompted a whole other project on our pond dam.
It will be another blog post...

Don't you think we have a better view now?
 There WAS This Tree...

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