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Friday, October 9, 2015

Finished Up

As I sit here preparing to write my next post, I realize I have left many things unfinished in the A Building We Shall Go reading world.
So before I write my intended post, I better catch you up on past happenings.

The working pens are finished!
One year in the making!
For the most part...
There are a few small details that need to be addressed.
Support bracing needs to be added and a bit of work is needed in the chute pen.
All things that will be completed before we move on to the next project.

Flower Boy, Drewman and I finished up the big run a week or so ago.
It started with posts being set and top rail added.

Just as we had done in the past.

This pen has cable instead of panels.
We are blessed with great friends that have allowed us to use extra stock they had from their pens.

Clips were welded to the posts and the cable was ran through the clips.

At one end of the run, the cable was attached with U bolts.

At the other end of the run, there are rings welded to the post and turn buckles are used to tighten the cable.

The finished look!

We weaned calves this past weekend.
The calves are being held in this big run.
There is plenty of room for them to roam, as well as plenty of room for the feed truck to pull in to drop hay and place feed in the bunk.

Thanks for stopping by!
Rancher Girl

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