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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Today is International Celebrate Women Day.
This mornings church service was titled
Celebrate the Gift of Women.
What a wonderful service and sermon.
ALL done by the women of our church.
I think my guys knew what today was before I did.
Yesterday, Flower Boy and I had a date day.
We have regular date nights and always have.
Rarely do we have date days.
Honestly, I think the last date day was the day of the house fire.
After that, we have been a little gun shy of leaving the ranch for long periods of time.
Our day started out at the Lazy E Arena for the Timed Event Championship.
We had VIP seating directly behind all the action.
It was exciting to watch the cowboys warm up right below us.
Most all events happened in the arena clearly within our direct sight.
So much fun!
When the afternoon session was complete, Flower Boy took me to the "Girly Booths".
There can never be a rodeo without shopping for the women.
Oh the jewelry, clothes, purses and goodies to choose from!
I settled on this marvelous vest.
I can't wait till Orange Friday!
We then headed to the OKC Stockyards to eat at the famous Cattlemen's Steakhouse.
This is the only place I will eat a steak that isn't out of our own freezer.
There was an hour or so wait to get into eat, so we did a little browsing in the shops.
There are some great little boutiques, as well as name brand western stores and saddlery shops.
Flower Boy found some tack he needed for Charlie Horse, but our buzzer went off and we had to leave to go eat.
As we were walking out the door, the saddlery worker says
"If you want that tack, I will stay open till  you come back."
"We will be back!"
After we finish our meal, we head back across the street to the saddlery.
Sure enough, the man waited  for us to return.
These are common hard working folks just trying to earn a living like the rest of us, not one of the over priced, high fluent shops. 
They are also the type people you could sit down and have a nice conversation with over a glass of iced tea.
While Flower Boy and the gentleman were carrying on their conversation,
I was browsing the shop.
Now remember, I am a COWgirl and know nothing of horses or the type of equipment needed to operate one.
There was a section of the shop that was set up as an artists paint booth.
I was shocked to see all the supplies and a painters pallet still wet with paints.
The paintings in this booth were breathtaking.
I could have looked at the detail for hours.
As I browsed a bit more, I found a section with books.
The kind of books a Rancher Girl would read.
Stories of old cow pokes riding the cattle trails, moving the cattle across the prairies and bringing them to the stockyards for sale.
Then as I turned the corner, I gasped!
I spotted these amazing side tables made with an old saddle tree.
A saddle tree is the base of the saddle.
The saddle maker places the padding and leather over the saddle tree.
THIS, I did know!
I interrupted the ongoing conversation and asked Flower Boy to come look.
The shop worker said "I make those" as he and Flower Boy were walking towards me and those incredible tables.
The shop worker continued to say he has trademarked, signed and numbered each one.
All the while, I am thinking "I am in love but we can't afford one."
The shop worker made Flower Boy a deal he couldn't refuse.
We brought  home Number 4 of these impressive tables!
 Can you say RANCHEY!!!
We have placed it beside my chair.
It is my early birthday present!
I wont argue or ask for a gift, in a month, when my birthday rolls around.
I was so giddy and bounced across the street to the car.
This morning, I was escorted to church by Drewman.
Never opening a door and being placed in the car on the riders side.
Flower Boy has taught Drewman well.
I am blessed to have my guys treat me like a lady should be treated.
After church, Drewman took me to lunch.
Most Sunday's we normally grab lunch at a fast food joint and head back to the ranch, because there is always work to be done.
Not this Sunday!
Drewman took me to a sit down restaurant.
He ordered for me, as my guys always do.
When the check came, I got in my purse and handed Drewman my card, so he could pay.
Drewman handed it back to me.
"Mom, I got this!"
This afternoon, Drewman and I have been going through old photos and reminiscing of times when he and his brother were younger.
Let me just warn those of you who are on our personal social media sites...
There will be some Throw Back Thursday photos, of some, being posted soon!
This post leads me to the question...
Am I Spoiled?
I would prefer to look at it as being well taken care of, respected, honored and loved much!
Thank you to Flower Boy and Drewman for showing me the true meaning of Celebrating Women.
I love you both!
Rancher Girl

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  1. Awesome table! That is way cool!
    Its nice to have raised and married gentlemen. Its rare now a days.