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Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Blast?

Last week, we had a blast of winter weather.
It started with rain turning to winter mix and before we had finished chores for the evening, it had turned to huge snowflakes falling beautifully from the sky.
Before we left this pasture the backs of the cattle were covered in white.
It wasn't a blustery cold snow.
There was no wind.
It was just a pretty peaceful gift from God.

The next morning is was dreary and cold!
I snapped a few photos, while driving out of the driveway on my way to work.

By days end, the snow was gone and temps were in the 50's!

Saturday, we were hit by another short blast.
This one was only a few hours long and included wind, cold rain and a winter mix.

Thankfully it was a short blast, because we had a baby born in it!
I snapped this photo last evening.
It's a bouncing baby girl!

You will never hear a farmer or rancher complain about any amount of precipitation.
We are always grateful for it, whether it be in the form of rain, winter mix, snow or even ice.

We are not a fan of a cold blowing wind.
Neither are the cattle!
  You can bet they will have their babies shielded and come to the feed truck with their head tucked.
Flower Boy always tries to feed them someplace out of the blowing wind.

We are praying that was the last blast of winter weather.
Living in Oklahoma, one never knows!

Today is suppose to be a high of 80!
I am going for a walk!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Have a beautiful day!
Rancher Girl

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ranch Girl!

    Weather makes such a difference in our everyday life and care of livestock. We had 2-3" of heavy wet snow last night. It was in the upper 30's today and breezy; typical March day for us.

    It's wet and muddy here; we still have a lot of frost in the ground.

    I hope your calving season is going good.

    Thank You fro dropping in a my blog and leaving a comment.