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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rancher's Pride

Fall Calving Season has begun, here at Rockin' B Ranch!
Our first baby was born a week or so ago.
Flower Boy and Charlie were riding pastures, on a Sunday morning, and found the baby.
Riding pastures, on a Sunday morning, is like that cowboy going to church.
It is the cowboy's time with God.
Time to quiet himself.
Time to pray.
Time to share.
Time to reflect.
Time to appreciate.
Time to let go.
Time to listen.
Time to learn.
Time to prepare.
All the things cowboys don't like to talk about, they do on the back of their horse, alone.
It is a private time for them.
It's the Cowboy Way!
Not that Flower Boy wouldn't go to church with Drewman and I.
We respect his personal time with God, in his own way, just as he respects ours.
This is one of the special things I love about Flower Boy!
What better way for a rancher to spend time with Our Maker, than to ride up on a newborn baby calf?
The momma cow is #30.
She had her first baby just as she was a year old.
Some of you, that are Facebook friends with me, may remember this story.
When we bought her, she was pregnant.
We have told you before, we like to buy our breeding stock off a ranch, not from a sale barn.
Little Momma was sold as a bred heifer.
She was sold with the group of yearlings.
The ranch, where we purchased them, had no desire to cut her from the group.
They were quick to tell us she was pregnant, but they didn't think she was bred to a heavy birth weight bull.
A month or so after bringing the girls home, Little Momma gave birth to a giant calf!
It was April 10th.
Flower Boy and I had been watching her.
We kept her up in the pen.
When the time came, we brought her into the corral.
That poor little girl had no idea what was happening to her.
We watched her for a few hours.
When there was no progress on the delivery, Flower Boy put her into the chute.
We have pulled calves before...
I have been to a birthing, breeding, artificial insemination and herd management school, as well as having an Animal Science Degree.
This wasn't our first rodeo.
The second Flower Boy had Little Momma's head in the chute, my arm was "in".
I looked at Flower Boy.
"This baby is huge!"
Flower Boy grabbed the feet, as I kept working the calf.
We kept talking to Little Mamma (like she understood us) and encouraged her.
What seemed like hours later, we had birthed the largest bull calf either of us had ever seen.
High fives all around!
As well as, tears!
We held Little Momma over to have a fall calf, this year.
This gave her time to grow and mature.
It also gave her time to recuperate from giving birth and raising a calf at such a young age.
We are so glad we did!
Look at the size of this years baby!
Little Momma had no problem delivering this baby.
She is a great momma and is one of our friendliest cows.
One can only guess, it might be because of the time we spent with her, a year ago in April.
Little Momma brought her Little Giant up with the herd this week.
Although, she kept him at a distance from the other cattle.

Not only does Little Momma birth Little Giants, she also raises Little Giants!
I can't wait to watch this guy grow!
He is the first calf from a bull who was bred, born and raised right here from the ranch.
Rancher's Pride at its best!
I think that is what I will name this Little Giant!
I can't wait to see the rest of our fall babies!
While writing this post, I realized another thing I love so much about Flower Boy...
He has managed to spread our calving seasons out, so we are able to have babies year round.
I would like to think that is a gift he has given me.
He would say it has been that, but also a management tool to keep income flowing year around.
Thanks for all you do, Flower Boy!
I love your Rancher's Pride and your Cowboy Ways.
Rancher Girl

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