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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sun Will Rise

For the past three years, this week has been a hard week for me.
You see, I lost My Daddy, three years ago this Friday.
I ask that you not feel for me, as God answered a special prayer I had sent up.
God allowed me three months with My Daddy, prior to taking him.
I will explain more about that later in the week...

I do, however, ask that you pray for those that have had loss and are struggling to get through the day.
Don't get me wrong, I still struggle!
The one thing I try to focus on...
 The Sun Will Rise.

I hadn't considered the amount of photos I have taken of the sunrise, until I started looking through photos for this post.

I have captured so many!
They are a reminder of today being a new gift.
A gift from God!
Most are taken on my drive into work.
(I know.... my bad)
My drive is a time for me to reflect and talk to God.
It is as if He is setting in my riders seat.
We carry on a conversation daily.

There has been a lot of loss, in our little community, over the past few weeks.
Several of the folks we know personally and are parents of our friends.
Some of their children were their loved ones primary caregiver, as I was My Daddy's.
My heart hurts for them.
The hurt brings back memories I would like to suppress.

We all handle loss in our own way.
No one can judge your loss or your way of coping.

My only advice is time, faith and prayer.

Time will heal the pain.
Although, the pain never leaves you.
It does lessen, as you learn to place your focus elsewhere.

Faith in Our Maker.
Faith in His plan, not ours.
God knows what He is doing.

Prayer for yourself, your family and your loss.
Don't be afraid to ask for prayer.
We all have Prayer Warriors.

The Sun Will Rise!
 Allow it to warm you!
Keep your head up!
Let the sun shine on your face!
Keep your shoulders back!
Face each new sunrise as a new day!
It is our gift!

Hugs, Prayers and Love,
Rancher Girl

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