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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Texture Tuesday ~ Transformed Rancher Girl Style

I snagged this little cabinet, from a friend, for $20!
According to my photos it was early October.
It has set in our garage this entire time.
Like most of my projects after the house build, this pretty little cabinet took a back seat to our busy life.

I love the lines of this cabinet.
It is solid wood.
It is the perfect size and dimension for the location in which I wanted a cabinet placed.
I had a desire to transform it into something ranchey.
You know...
The type of Rancher Girl style or spin I like to throw on things.
With me, nothing can be simple and plain!

I took to sanding.
I roughed up the finish.
Knocked off the sharp edges of the corners.
In some places, I even sanded it down to bare wood.
Then I went paint shopping!
In the storage shed!
We have several gallons of old paint stored there.
I knew I could find a color that would work well.

I did find a taupe type color and some dark stain.
The more I thought about this combination, the less I was inclined to place it on the cabinet.
The walls of our home are sand color.
I wanted the cabinet to pop!
Not blend.

This took me to the store.
I hate shopping and spending money.
Lucky for me, I had some items to return.
They had been riding around in the back of my car just waiting on the right time to be returned.
Somehow, I knew I would be purchasing a different color of paint.

This is the color combination I came up with!
  After the dark stain was added.

I had my mind set to make this cabinet pop!
I had no choice but to dive in!
One light and watered down coat.
I wanted texture and some of the grain to come through.

After the second coat.

Every Rancher Girl knows to NEVER walk away from a project if it is in a place to be in contact with the animals.
I walked away for a very short time!
Just long enough for the second coat of paint to dry!
I said I wanted this cabinet to look ranchey!

 The entire cabinet after two coats of orange.

Don't forget the shelves and door!

I then added another dimension by dry brushing the taupe paint onto the cabinet.
 It dulled down the brightness of the orange.
Don't you think?

Lastly, I coated the entire cabinet with the dark stain.
 I believe the stain added even another layer of depth.

It has now found its place in our living room, between the front door and the entry into the mud room.
Although I am still shopping for that perfect ranchey pull for the door and there is still some decor to be added, I love the cabinet even more than I did when I made the $20 purchase back in October!

Pretty ranchey!
Don't you agree?

I can't wait to do more projects like this!

Rancher Girl

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