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Monday, February 2, 2015

Moo Cow Monday!

We had to build a little electric fence not long ago.
This had to be done in stages, thanks to the Oklahoma weather.
The property owner has some clearing and cleaning to do on the front few acres.
We installed the fence to keep the cattle in the clear and away from the activity.

Posts were driven on the first stage.
Drewman and a friend drove the posts, with Flower Boy's supervision.
This was a quarter mile fence, so several posts were driven.

Flower Boy's shoulder was another reason for the stages of fence building.
No worries!
He is fine.
Just a little bursitis from a very old injury and abuse to his body when he was younger.
Note to those reading:
Take care of yourself!
God only gives us one body!
 Wire was strung.
 I drove the truck.

The wire was tightened.

 The wire was clipped to the posts.

The solar charger was installed.

 There is this huge electric tower that sits over the fence line.
 Right under the tower is the gate between the two pastures.
 Open the gate and call the cattle across.

 Happy Monday!

Rancher Girl


  1. Wow, you have the mellowest cattle - that gate under the lines doesnt even phase them! :)

    1. Janice,
      We are blessed by mellow cattle. We spend many many many hours with them to keep them mellow. Flower Boy won't allow a wild one in the herd. With me working beside him, he doesn't want me hurt. I am the one pushing the cattle through the chute, most days, as well as preg checking them and pulling calves when needed. (I'm the one with the small thin arms) We can't take the risk of a wild one getting the best of us. Not to mention, these cattle have passed under that tower numerous times. To them, that tower is no different than a creek crossing in the pasture.
      Thanks for stopping by!