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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rockin' B Vehicle Detailing

It all started with this!
A beautiful photo, of frosted mud and grime on the feed truck, posted on Instagram!
I think the photo is beautiful!

I am the only one, on the ranch, that thought so.
Because, that photo led to this!

A date night at the car wash!

Several months ago, we had to say goodbye to Ole' Red.
It was our old feed truck.
Actually, there were two.
We said goodbye to both.
They were older and costing more to keep them maintained than they were worth.
This was a decision that had to be made.

With that, Flower Boy was able to upgrade to a larger feed truck.
The "new to us" truck provides all the things we need and room for growth.
This photo is Flower Boy and the truck, before the bale bed and cake feeder were installed.
It's a happy day in a ranchers life when he can upgrade his old worn out feed wagon!
Just look at that smile!

Of course, along with the "new to him" vehicle, came the speech, from his Rancher Girl, about how this vehicle had better be taken care of, washed, cleaned, vacuumed, and stay nice.
It is going to have to last for a very long time!

After I posted the photo, of what I thought was beautiful, I think Flower Boy took it as a hint to detail the truck.
 Drewman requested to do the honors.

The truck was pulled into the garage.
 Something about the sun not hitting the wax and temperatures...

No words needed on this photo!

Drewman applied wax and removed wax.
Wax On... 
Wax Off...
 Flower Boy inspected.
 Now the hood.
 The drivers side.

After several coats of wax Flower Boy's truck looks better than it did when it was purchased.
 Thanks son!

I believe this was the beginning of Rockin' B Vehicle Detailing!
Need your feed wagon, mom wagon or dirt road wagon looking spiffy?
Contact us!
Drewman will fix you up!

There may be a wait list.
My car is next!

Rancher Girl

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