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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Gate Hardware

We may be jumping around a bit in the series of pen building.
For the most part, you all have seen the way we set posts and corners.
So, we will skip to the gate hanging portion of the working pens.

 There are 4 gates in phase one of the working pens.

We purchase our gates at the local farm supply store.
Along with the gate, is a package of hardware.
We don't use all the hardware in the package.
Well... It's kind of a welder's daughter and rancher's son type thing.

This is how we hang gates at Rockin' B Ranch!

Take a piece of sucker rod.
(Sucker rod is a rod used, in the oil industry, to "suck" the oil out of the well hole.)

Heat the rod.
 Bend it.
 Blow a hole, in the post, just large enough for the bent sucker rod to fit in it.
 Place said sucker rod in hole and level it.
 Weld in place.
This is done on the top and bottom of the post.
Use the remaining hardware in the package to hang the gate.
With this process, your gate will never sag, drag or droop.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Rancher Girl

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