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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Busy... BuSy... BUSY....

Hi there!

Have you wondered where we've been?

We haven't blogged in 20 days!
20 DAYS!!!
We have been busy busy busy!

First off, let me say a litter of 6 German Shepherd puppies is much more work than a litter of 3 or even one.
These little guys keep us hoppin!
With them living in the house with us, you can only imagine the amount of work they are.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

We have 3 males left to sell, so if you know of anyone wanting a quality GSD, let us know.
The pups are currently in their 5 week training program and have been fully weaned from Ailey Mae.

Secondly, we have been building working pens, for the cattle.
Flower Boy finished up Phase 1, of the pens, this week.
The loading alley is half way finished and two more pens need to be built.
The pens are a huge undertaking and a large investment, but will also be a major asset to our property.

We have blogged before about not having pens at our home place.
When the place was purchased, it was overgrown with trees, tons of trash and un-used materials.
We have had to do the clean up in stages and still are not completely finished with it.

We had purchased some material and started with fencing, but the house fire gave us a bit of a set back.
We are back on track, now, and moving forward towards our goal.

My Daddy always told me to invest in what I have and make it my own.
It feels good to be living and building our dream!

I will blog more later, on the puppies and the pens.
For now, this is a quick update to let you know we are still kickin and not letting grass grow under our feet.

Rancher Girl

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