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Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Moo Cow Monday!

Hi Folks!
It's Moo Cow Monday!

We did a little weaning over the weekend.
It was just Flower Boy and I, since Drewman is away at college.
Let me tell you, it is times like weaning that we miss that boy.
It's hard, to do what we do, when you are one person short.

Sort mommas on one side.
 Babies on the other.
Run the babies down the alley and into the trailer.

Take them to the new pens, at the house, and let them settle.
Take some time to relax.

The weaners will stay in the holding pen for a week.
They will be worked, branded and banded next weekend.
Then return to the holding pen for a few more days, before being turned out to the weaning pasture.

This is my most favorite sound.
It just happens to be a Rancher Girl's alarm clock.

Happy Monday!

Rancher Girl

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck with the calf weaning process. My Mom used to say that when I left for college (I'm the oldest) it was like an amputation to the family. We don't always realize what everyone's role or tasks on the ranch are until they're gone or when someone gets sick and we have to fill in for each other.