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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birthday Blessings

Yesterday was my birthday!
True to form, Flower Boy sent his signature 1/2 dozen red roses!
I received so may social media birthday wishes, I couldn't keep up!
I also got some special phone calls.
One of my Sister's In Christ and her children called my voice mail singing me Happy Birthday!
Earlier in the week, that special aunt gave me these!
 The napkins are made from my Great Grandmothers material!
How does this woman come up with these things?
The napkin rings...
 Perfectly RANCHEY in every way!
Speaking of RANCHEY!
Drewman and his girl got me this!
So Cool! 
The Big Kids got me this!
 The candle is Big Sky Ranch House.
It smells wonderful!
The Big Kids also came home for a few days.
They took me to lunch.
It is always such a joy to get special time with them.
They are so busy with their jobs and traveling.
Although Flower Boy had already gotten my birthday gift a few weeks ago,
he came home with a gift bag!
I was a bit shocked but couldn't wait to change my jewelry options for the evening!

After opening my gifts, Flower Boy, The Big Kids, The Little Kids and myself headed out the door for dinner.
We ended the evening with ice cream!
The perfect end to a perfect day!
Rancher Girl 

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