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Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy Things Happening

There have been some crazy things happening around the ranch!
Last Thursday night, there was a loud boom and our entire house shook.
 Soon after, Flower Boy and I received a text from a neighbor asking,
"What the heck are y'all doing to have the epicenter just west of you?"
Yes, you read right!
The blue dot is our NEW HOUSE!
Just across the road, less than 500 feet away, was a 2.8 EARTHQUAKE!
There is no damage to our house.
We are thankful for our post tension slab!
Earthquakes are not uncommon in Oklahoma.
Many people have many opinions for the reason behind the quakes.
Living along the I35 corridor, we not only live in Tornado Alley, there is a fault line that runs along the corridor too.

Speaking of Tornado Alley...
Sunday afternoon we were blessed with rain!
This is very typical of an Oklahoma Spring.

What isn't typical of an Oklahoma Spring is SNOW!
This morning, I no more got into work and Flower Boy sends a message,
"It's snowing!!!!!!!"
There wasn't any accumulation but the temperature dropped enough to cause fear.

With a freeze this late into the spring, all sorts of things can be destroyed.
Flower Boy had conversations with his family about a freeze killing wheat, canola and grass.
To farming and ranching families this could be a huge set back.

There is also the consideration of what a freeze could do to the fruit trees.

In all seriousness, we are concerned.
The weather reports are calling for temperatures dropping into the 20's tonight.

My Grand Daddy B would always say,
"Winter is never over until the oak leaves are as big as squirrel's ears."
I asked last week, on social media, if anyone knew the size of a squirrel's ear.

This evening, I spent some time with one of my Sister's In Christ.
Her momma has left this earth for the wonderful life in Heaven.
As I was driving home, I called her.
"I want you to go outside.  Look to the west.  The sun is setting! Look to the east. The moon is rising! This is your gift!"

I then called Drewman and he captured these photos for me.

With this gift, I can hardly believe there will be a freeze.

I am praying so.

Rancher Girl

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