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Monday, April 7, 2014

Drewman's Sr. Prom 2014

The day started with the arrival of this KEWL car!
 Uncle Jack and Aunt Eve drove 3 hours, just so Drewman could have this car for the night!

There were two rules laid out by Aunt Eve.
1) This is a high performance vehicle.
2) You are my nephew and I love you very much, so always refer to rule number 1.

Uncle Jack, of course, said "Just hand the boy the keys!"
All he expected was Drewman's keys in return.  
While Drewman got all spiffed up, Flower Boy headed to town to give a quick wash, rinse and shammy to the Prom Car. 
 Drewman and I arrive to the car wash just in time to give a quick teasing signal to Father.
Drewman does love and appreciate everything Flower Boy does for him!
The gesture is all in fun.
 After a quick run down the highway to dry the high performance vehicle,
We stop off at Drewman's girls house.

 Momma PYG was even there to get a photo with these two wonderful kids!
 It was Drewman's girl's birthday!

 She had plans with friends for the evening and would catch up with Drewman and friends at the After Prom.

Drewman picked up his date and headed to meet the group.
 I love this photo of them in the mirror!

 Don't poke me!

 I also love the boots and Vans!

Rachel arrives on scene.
We can't take photos without Rachel!
Rachel was Drewman's prom date last year.

 "The gear shift and steering wheel are beadazzled!"

 Gotta give Father some love!
 Love my guys!
 Photos with momma...

High Five!!
 Straighten up the flowers....
 Do a Dosey Doe...
 Pose for the camera!
 Drewman and Rylee are the best of friends.

They have way to much fun together!

Drewman and his brother from another mother, Cooper

Best photo bomb of the night!

The party bus arrives...
Everyone line up...

Hands on hips...
 Goofy Pose...

This photo so describes these 4 girls and these 2 boys friendship!

Almost finished...

Enough pictures already!

Act cool!

When the Party Bus headed out to dinner,
Flower Boy and I stole the Prom Car!
 Let's just say...
Flower Boy did not listen to the rules!

Promenade line...
 Driving like a rock star!
 Drewman gets out...
 Flower Boy gets in...
 Drewman and Rylee are in the HOUSE!!!!
 Gotta pose one last time with momma's and daddy's!

 Let the prom begin!

Drewman was chosen as 2014 Prom King!
 Skylar was chosen as 2014 Prom Queen!
 Happy Kids!
Very well deserved!

Proud Momma

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