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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is Everyday

Today is February 14th.
It's Valentine's Day!
An occasion in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering chocolate or candy, and sending greeting cards.

In our house, Valentine's Day is Everyday!

Just yesterday, I had an ice cream date with Drewman!
Although this is a goofy photo, our date was very special.
Drewman is an extremely busy young man.
Between high school, college classes, FFA, church activities and work, we barely have time to spend together.
Drewman had the afternoon off work and I had time in my schedule to arrange some time off.
We made the most of it!

Now might also be the time to announce...
 Drewman's gonna be a Cowboy, baby!!!
  This has already been announced on social media, to friends and family, as well as our church family.
We are so very proud to make this announcement.
Drewman will continue a family tradition of being an OSU Cowboy!
I love this because I will be able to have lunches and more ice cream dates with him, because I work at OSU.
Happy Momma right here!

As for The Big Kids, we don't see them as often as we would like.
They are both busy with their jobs and travel often.
When we are together, we get special treatment!
They always cook amazing meals and treats.
 Our time with them is precious.
We cherish each moment.

Then there is this
guy and the princess!
My day would not be complete without these two!

Quick story behind Princess Sheba...
She is MY canine!
She has imprinted on me.
Flower Boy will say he is only her woobie.
She goes everywhere with us.
If she happens into the feed store, on a Saturday morning, and I remain in the truck, Sheba will cry until she makes her way back to me.
All the feed store workers will confirm that story.
I love this dog!

My man, Flower Boy.
I have a date with him every day!
It's chore time!
I have spoken before about how I rush home to go with him to feed.
There are times when not a single word is spoken during chore time.
They don't have to be.
It's being together that matters.
Setting side by side, alone with him.
My heart sings with joy and contentment.
I giggle, laugh and smile.
All for no apparent reason.
He does too!

You see, it isn't about a DAY, a GIFT or a CARD.
We give each other gifts and cards all the time.
They don't have to be tangible or written. 
Sometimes we are only allowed five minutes together.
Make them count!

Make Everyday Valentine's Day!

To Flower Boy, Drewman and The Big Kids,
Happy Valentine's Day!
I LOVE YOU with everything I have!
YOU make my world a better place!
Without YOU, I don't know where I would be! 
Rancher Girl

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