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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Treating Myself

Today, I bought myself a treat.
 You all know what this means?
I haven't had a pair of these on in over a year.
I kinda miss them.
I never really called myself a runner.

Now My Sissy...
SHE is a runner!
She is a beastly runner!

The most I ever ran was a 5K.
But I whole hardheartedly enjoyed it.
I'm not sure I ever got to a point of being able to run the entire 5K.
I would walk a bit and run most of it.

I started running when My Daddy's health was failing.
It helped keep my mind off the issues.
Plus, I claimed to run so I could eat!

  In the past 3 1/2 years, since My Daddy's death, I have gained 30 pounds.

Flower Boy would say "You Are Not Fat!"

I am not calling myself fat.
Although my jeans are getting tighter!

I know I needed to gain SOME weight.
I don't feel comfortable!
I feel lazy!
I need motivation!

When I was running, 
I always felt good.
I had energy.
My jeans weren't tight.

It's sad that when we get older our metabolism slows down.
We have to watch what we eat and exercise more.
Why do we have to grow up?

One would think, Flower Boy and I do enough around the ranch, we wouldn't need to do more.
Thing is...
We do the ranch routine daily.
It is just that...
We aren't getting our heart rate up or exerting any extra energy than normal activity.

Here's to treating myself to a workout regime, extra energy, increased metabolism
Maybe a hot fudge sundae!

Rancher Girl

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