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Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Junkin

When you hear someone say they have been Junkin, what do you think?
Do you think Antique Shop, Thrift Store, Garage Sale or Auction?

Flower Boy and I did some Junkin this weekend.
Our Junkin excursion was a bit different than those listed above.

While driving through one of our pastures, to feed cattle and check for babies, I spotted what appeared to be a wheelbarrow.
"Hey, that looks like a wheelbarrow!"
Flower Boy looks at me and keeps driving.
A bit further down the pasture, he stops to pick up an empty mineral tub.
When he gets out, I convince Princess Sheba to ask her daddy to turn around so I can check out that wheelbarrow.
Flower Boy headed back up the pasture, back to the draw, where I saw the wheelbarrow!
I do love this man!

Now, we keep all the gates to all our pastures locked.
There is no way this wheelbarrow could have recently been dumped into this draw.
We believe the amount of rain and snow, we have received over the winter, has helped to uncover the wheelbarrow.
 If you look right in front of Flower Boy's feet, you can see the belly of the wheelbarrow.

Let me tell you, I can spot Junk anywhere!
Flower Boy had to do a bit of digging and move that big tank type thing, to get the handles of the wheelbarrow free.

While Flower Boy was excavating the wheelbarrow, I looked down the draw to see this!
"What the heck is that!"
I think I just found a new flower pot!

The wheelbarrow is in great shape for where it has been and it's age.

These two pieces of Junk have a story to tell!
I can't wait to give them new life and add to their story!

Just Junkin!
Rancher Girl

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