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Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

The outside temperature the past two days hasn't been above freezing.
Saturday night the forecast called for a "light dusting of snow".
 Sunday morning proved the forecasters wrong! 
 All in all we received well over two inches of snow and drifts up to 2 feet!
Temperatures this morning were -3 degrees not including wind chill.
In these type of temperatures, we have to feed the cattle more to keep them warm and chop ice.
Tonight the ice was about an inch and a half thick!
Speaking of ice.... 
We were just recovering from an ice storm that hit right before Christmas.
The babies didn't know how to act and walked like prancing horses in a parade.
It started with a heavy soaking rain that turned everything into ice.
 Some of the plants froze in balls.
 While others froze like straws.
 Even the wispies of the grass were frozen in time.
The sunrise and sunset, while everything was covered with ice, were breathtaking!

While we admire the beauty of the ice storm,

We must also acknowledge it's wrath.
Lots of down limbs and trees.
We started the clean up and added to the wood pile on Saturday, just before this snow.
Good thing because the fireplace hasn't stopped burning!
Baby It's Cold Outside!

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