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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obtained Goals!

Not long after these two girls were born, I received a call from a dear ole friend from high school.
He was looking for a couple of good calves, but wouldn't be ready for them until the first of the year.

Did we have a deal for him!

We didn't want to take these two girls to the stockyards, if we didn't have to.
We would prefer to sell them outright.
It saves us money and the buyer money.
We don't pay commission and the buyer doesn't pay the fees associated with the sale.
It is a Win - Win!

We continued to communicate with the buyer during the time the girls were on their mommas.
We sent him photos of their growth.
Notifying him when we weaned them, vaccines given and worming.

After weaning the girls, we kept them in the corrals of a pasture a distance away from their mommas.

 They got a hay bale
and a tub full of water.
We kept them in the lot for a few weeks.
Each night when we would pull through the corral to feed the other cattle in this pasture, the girls would receive their ration of cubes.

They received two rounds of vaccines.
10 days apart.

Last Saturday, the girls were delivered to their new owner.
We weighed the truck and trailer empty and again loaded with the girls.
The difference between the two weights were calculated and averaged between the two girls to get a sell weight.
We sold the girls at market price, for that week, per the Oklahoma Market Report.

One of our goals is always to provide quality cattle to the market, so you, the consumer, can purchase quality beef.
Another goal is to sell our heifers off the farm in the same manner in which we purchase our breeding stock from others.
Selling these two summer born heifers, we have obtained these goals.

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