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Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Uses for Old Things

I have seen these amazing little metal locker baskets everywhere on the internet, while searching for d├ęcor ideas for the house.
You know the ones that held our items when we would to go to the swimming pool as kids?
These little gems!
I found two of them here at the ranch!
You will not believe where I found them!
They were in one of Drewman's EGGcelent EGG houses!

Drewman purchased this little house, from the wife and daughter of my old 4-H Extension Educator, a few years ago.
He uses it to transition chicks from the brooder to the outside pen.
I didn't even ask Drewman if I could have the locker baskets.
I just had Flower Boy take them out after I helped him measure a portion of fence.
Drewman was cleaning his other hen houses, looked up and said "Using those for a project?"
He knows me none too well.
I brought them in the house and with a little cleanser
 and scrubbing,
 they cleaned up nicely.
One of the baskets has some sort of sticker over the original locker number.
 I didn't attempt scraping it off today.
I may try some type of removal product in the future.
I have placed one on the bench in the mud room.
 It holds gloves, head wraps and wild rags.
Wild Rags are a silk scarf a cowboy wears around his neck.
It keeps you SO WARM in the winter and SO COOL in the summer!
The other locker basket...
 I have placed it on the back of the toilet in our bathroom. 
They add to the ranchey look, don't you think?
These little locker baskets do make me wonder where they have been, prior to being used as nesting boxes in that little hen house.
Were they in a school?
Were they at a swimming pool?
Were they at our local YMCA?
Were they in a basketball gym?
I'm just glad I can bring them back to life in our home.
I love them and their new purpose in our life!
I think I will dig a little deeper in our sheds to see what else I can find!
See Ya!
Rancher Girl

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