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Monday, August 10, 2015

MooPaw and MooMaw

If you are personal friends or family, then you already know what this post is about.
If not,
The Big Kids are adding a 6th generation to Rockin' B Ranch!

Just call us MooPaw and MooMaw!

The Big Kids came home last Friday, as they often do, for the weekend.
We thought nothing of their visit.
We enjoy them coming home, as they enjoy the get away from the hustle and bustle of their day to day lives.
We like to think home, at the ranch, is a relaxing safe place for all the kids to come too.

As I arrived home from work Friday evening, there was a gift and package of fancy cupcakes on the kitchen island.
I didn't think much of it either because The Big Kids are often giving gifts and the cupcakes are some of our favorites.
I actually thought "Sweet!  The kids got cupcakes!"

As supper was being fixed, The Big Boy says "Oh Mom!  Here is your Mother's Day Gift."
If you remember back in the spring, we had a lot of rain and stormy weather.
We didn't do Mother's Day because of it.
I never expect gifts and thought and maybe even said "I don't need a gift."
We have seen the kids several times since Mother's Day, but it did make since that they may have forgotten the gift at home when traveling to the ranch, or something of the likes.

I opened the gift bag to find a photo frame.
My first thought was "Why are they giving me a picture frame?"
Then I picked it up!
The tears began to flow!
I am not a crier.
I cried like a little girl!

Flower Boy and Drewman kept looking at me.
I couldn't speak!

Finally, I looked at Flower Boy and said "We are going to be a grandma and grandpa!"
He jumped up, with tears in his eyes, and hugged the kids.

Drewman's first words were "We've gotta go buy boots!"

The Big Kids celebrated their 5th anniversary in June.
They dated all through college.
Their relationship is one I only dreamed about, until Flower Boy.
They are the best of friends.
Love radiates from them like a beam of sunlight on a bright sunshine day!
 They will be great parents!

We are so blessed by their new bundle of joy and expression of love!

Come on February!
MooMaw wants to hold, rock, cuddle and love on this baby!

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