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Monday, August 24, 2015

Moo Cow Monday!

A few months ago, we posted that we were dealing with foot rot, in the herd.
We are still dealing with foot rot!
This summer has been a cool wet summer, when compared to summer's past.
Although we are thankful, we are also getting a bit discouraged.

Our big bull, Cletus, had to be pulled out of the pasture and brought to the pens for treatment of foot rot.
It was a week or so ago.
Flower Boy and a few of his Cowboy friends gathered Cletus in the pasture.
Cletus has fought foot rot off and on since May.
Flower Boy will give him shots, Cletus get better, but within a few weeks, he is back down with foot rot.
The only thing to do was bring him home, dry lot him, and start a strong antibiotic regime.

So here we are!
Notice in all the photos, I am a distance away from the activity...
Thanks Flower Boy for not allowing me to work with the bulls!
 Walk Cletus out of the pen, down the alley, and into the sweep tub.
We are happy to have this portion of the pens complete!
They sure make life easier, not to mention, the pens are in our back yard.
 Have medications and supplies ready.
 What do you do when your bull is too large to fit into the working chute?
You work him in the chute alley!
 Cletus gets two shots every few days.
All of the cows are bred, therefore there is no need for Cletus to be in the pasture with the girls.
Having him in the lot allows him time to rest and heal.
He is getting some extra spoiling from Flower Boy, as well as added protein and feed.
We are seeing improvement, as Cletus is starting to stand and use the foot that has been infected.
He is gaining back some of the weight he has lost too.
Just another obstacle in the course of ranch life!

Happy Moo Cow Monday, Y'all!

Rancher Girl

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