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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 8 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

This week has been a crazy week of jockeying the puppies!
Believe it or not...
I forgot to post their update, yesterday!
Forgive me, please?
I have another excuse...
 THAT will be tomorrow's blog post!

 We are use to jockeying, because we do it when we buy cattle.
We don't buy our breeding stock out of a sale barn.
We spend a lot of time searching, calling and discussing things with cattle owners. 
We want to know where the cattle come from, as well as, the history behind them, so we are willing to travel, to purchase.
It's always best to buy off a ranch, when possible.

We think it should be the same with our puppies.
We have the boys listed all over the state of Oklahoma, into Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.
We need a weekend get away, therefore we are willing to deliver the pups to their new home.

Last week, we told you, Kingston was sold.
Turns out...
He is not.
He is sad about that too!
Kingston is the long haired puppy, of the bunch.

Big Boy is still looking for a new home too.
We need to sell some puppies!
There are only two weeks left before these boys are ready to go to new homes.

German Shepherd dogs are not the type of dog to be in a small yard.
These dogs need room to run and exercise.
Onyx and Ailey Mae are on receiver collars, allowing them 10 acres of the ranch to run.

The boys love the water!
 They are at the edge of the pond often.
We found them venturing onto the dock, this last weekend!
We keep a very close eye on them, when they are outside to play.
As you can see in the photo, Ailey Mae isn't far from them, either.

This video is of Kingston and Big Boy playing in the water tub.
Water seems to be their favorite place to play.
I'm guessing, it is because they are hot.

We have also been working on Sit!  Stay!



I am thankful for the paver brick floor!
It never fails.  
One of the boys always turns over the water bowl!

The new house is getting broken in really well, with these boys living in it!
SO GLAD we built the house to fit our lifestyle!

The boys are changing over from canned puppy food to hard puppy food.
Currently, they are eating half canned and half hard food, twice per day.

Last week, we told you, crate training had become a success.
They go right in!

This week, potty training has been very successful!
The new owners of these boys will have very little work on their hands!

The boys are sleeping through the night.
They crate between 10 and 11, at night and are ready to go out about 5, in the morning.
By the time I leave for work, they are ready to "Pen!" for the day.

We have had a lot of feed back, as to why we are holding the puppies to 10 weeks of age.
We believe by holding them, we give them a better start when they are released to their new homes.
Not only will they have 2 rounds of shots,
(most puppies sold only have 1 round, if that)
BUT they will be eating properly, they will be potty trained and crate trained.
Their new family won't have to worry when they leave for work or school.
These boys will be transitioned and will be less trouble to their new families.
We realize the time and effort a new puppy takes.
We are willing to do the work on the front end, so these boys go to good homes.


I need a weekend get away!
Even if it is to deliver a puppy.

Rancher Girl

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