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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 7 ~ Ailey Mae's Puppies

This past week has been a busy week for the boys.
Two of the boys are sold!

Kingston - The long haired puppy, sold to Drewman's brother from another mother, Cooper.
He has found the crate to be his safe place.
When he is sleeping, he is in the crate or at the door of the crate.

Jazz - number two in birth order, will be going to Elk City to his new home on August 24th.
He loves helping with laundry.
He is really good at sorting.
Or is it un-sorting!

Big Boy still needs a good quality home.
He is the extra large puppy of the bunch.
This boy is going to be massive like his Daddy.
He has so many mannerisms of Onyx.
He stalks like Onyx.
He loves water bottles like Onyx.
He is a stud like Onyx.
He plays in the water like Onyx.
Most of all, he protects like Onyx.
There isn't anywhere we go that Big Boy isn't far behind.
He pays attention to his surroundings, even when he is playing and eating.
He barks when you open the door or he sees something.
He already sleeps next to me, when they are out of their crate.
He is going to be a great mascot for his family! 

The boys got their first official bath this week.
We were all soaked by the time we finished.

They really needed baths after playing and digging in the sand.
We have Princess Sheba to thank for this.
I think Kingston and Jazz would dig all day, if we would let them.

The boys had their first car ride.

We went to see Dr. Brett.
They all checked out perfectly!
Jazz weighs 10 lbs 6 oz
Kingston weighs 12 lbs 3 oz
Big Boy weighs 14 lbs 7 oz

Jazz and Kingston will soon catch up.
They eat A LOT!
They are such good boys.
Setting and waiting while we prepare their food.
Big Boy was probably at Princess Sheba's food bowl during this photo.

Potty training is going really well.
After each meal, they go outside.
About every four hours, they go outside.
It's a really simple process.
The boys are very smart, just like their parents.
They know the routine. 

Crate training has been accomplished!
"Pen" is their key word.
This works as long as Ailey Mae isn't in the house.
This is also her key word.

The boys are completely weaned from Ailey Mae.
They don't even attempt to nurse.
Although, she still mothers them and protects them.
She has, just this week, allowed Onyx to get closer to them.

  Play time has become their favorite thing!
They play hard!

And then they crash!
Kingston and Big Boy have figured out how to splash water out of the tub and onto the porch, to keep cool.
They play in the water just like their Daddy.

It's sad to think we only have 3 more weeks with these babies.
Dr. Brett asked which one we were keeping.
My response was "NONE!"
Flower Boy would like to keep Big Boy.
I think I will win that battle.
I am pushing to sell him pretty hard.
AKC Registered German Shepherd!

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