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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Last Of The Firsts

Last week, I posted this facebook status,
"First of the lasts today! Enrolled Drewman as a senior in high school. Got the class schedule with the concurrent college enrollment. Did ok with that... BUT when he put on that gown for the final yearbook photo... IT'S REAL!!"

Yesterday, I posted this photo on facebook,

Off to Sr year! Good Luck Class of 2014! May will be here before you know it!
 With his back pack on his back and his welding bag in hand, my baby boy was off to his final year of high school!

I didn't have words, yesterday. 
I'm not sure I have words, today!

Flower Boy made sure he was home to send Drewman off.
And I'm sure he was there because he knew I would be in tears.
We gave Drewman huge hugs and off he drove!

The Class of 2014 had a breakfast before school started, yesterday morning.
These kids are all amazing kids.

Drewman and KayCee Girl have grown up together.
 They love each other like siblings!
Fight that way too!

On my drive into work, I cried the entire way.
Parents always ask, 
"Where did the time go?"
Or say,
I know where the time has gone and I don't want time to stop.

My tears weren't because Drewman has grown into an amazing young man.
They weren't because I wasn't ready or prepared for his Senior Year.
They weren't because Drewman is spreading his wings, getting ready to fly.
They weren't because I am getting older.
They weren't sad tears or tears of joy.
I believe they were more cleansing tears.

As school let out, Drewman sent me this text,
"I made it through my first day! Lol"
If he only knew!
That child has made it through so much more!

It has been Drewman and I since his second grade year.
My oldest graduated high school and moved off to college.
I wouldn't allow the oldest to stay home.
Drewman and I didn't need protection!
(ended up we did... I bought a German Shepherd)
None the less, the oldest needed to experience life and didn't need to be home helping to provide for his mommy or little brother.

This being said, Drewman and I have spent the majority of the past 10 years just US!
Our relationship is different than my relationship with the oldest.
I go to the oldest for advise and guidance. 
I provide, protect and mother Drewman.
Yes, he is spoiled!
BUT so was the oldest!
(T Beau... You know you were.)

With my boys being 10 years apart in age, I have raised TWO only children.
I have raised them at TWO different times in my life.
I grew up with the oldest, as I was young when he was born.
Much older when Drewman was born, my life was more settled.
Our lives haven't been a bed full of roses.
More thorns than roses, until Flower Boy.
Somehow, we always survived.
We always pulled through.
We always climbed to the top.
We always kept our Faith!

Drewman, as you start your journey through the last of the firsts at PPS,
It will go by quickly!
There will be thorns!
Do your homework!
Stay on top of the college classes!
Have fun!
Enjoy your ride!
You have a curfew!
You are in an AG Communication course for a reason!
You are a winner!
You are a leader!
Be mindful of your actions!


I LOVE the artwork you made me!
This however is the beginning of lasts for me, since all of your artwork burned in the HOUSE FIRE!
Hung on the fridge just like it were your very first piece of artwork.

I am so very proud of you!
I love you more than you will ever know!
I won't apologize for any embarrassment this post or my actions cause you.
I am your mother!
That is my right!

Lastly, live life as the quote I have raised you by:
Be true to yourself.
Keep God in your heart
And your family by your side.
Everything will be alright.  

Son, you are an amazing Child of God!
Go towards those last of the firsts as if they are the firsts of the last!


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  1. Anonymous8/15/2013

    Very well written bobbie sue! It should not embarass him but let him know how proud and honored you are to be his mom and the only thing who he can count on when he needs something. I wish one day I can say some of the same things to my kids! Love u! Abbi