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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Backside of A Bovine Photo Shoot

Last week, we were contacted by a gentleman inquiring about a bovine photo shoot.
He is working on a project and thought the Rockin' B Bovine might be able to help.

Kirk is a very talented photographer and horseman, as well as an amazing family man and daddy.
We were introduced to Kirk when The Twisted Pro came aboard the Rockin' B team.
It turns out, Kirk knows many of the same folks we know.
It is a small world!

When I asked The Twisted Pro to give me some descriptive words about Kirk, her response was
"He is one of a kind, selfless and humble.  He has a heart as big as Texas and would do anything for ya at the drop of a hat. He is talented beyond words behind a camera and on a horse... but he would never tell you that.  He is hilarious and as loving as they come."

Saturday morning, Kirk and his son Aub arrived at the ranch with The Twisted Pro and her hubby.
We all loaded up in the feed truck and headed to the cattle.

Flower Boy, Kirk and Aub get out of the truck, as the cattle gather around, and the shoot begins.

Here are the photos of what The Twisted Pro, her hubby and myself saw from the truck.
Photo credits go to The Twisted Pro.

We can't wait to see the shots Kirk got!

Rancher Girl

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