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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pray For Your Children

This morning, while checking social media, I stumbled upon BuckarooGirl's blog post.
She is a young cowgirl that I have featured here before.
Adrian is a true inspiration to me, although I am old enough to be her mother.
I follow all of her social media and her blog.
Her posts are something I look forward to each day.

Today's BuckarooGirl post hit home!
It is somewhat of a prayer I have prayed over my boys their entire life.
I also feel like it would be the type of prayer My Daddy would have prayed over me.

I have to share!

To future ranch kids...

I want you to love.

Not just people and things, I want you to love the earth

To realize that this fragile and beautiful thing is entrusted to your care by God

Treat it well
Like a cowboy should 

Ignore the calls of desk jobs 

Be free
Be outside
Be worthwhile and brave in your choices

I pray you choose good horses,and good women to share your lives with

I pray that you never know drought 
I pray you never know the pain of loosing the outfit
I pray you have good seasons and tough calves

Good mama cows and rain in the spring

Healthy colts and healthy babies
Let them play in the dirt, let them explore

Get them a good old saddle horse who has seen a lot of miles
And take them kids to work

Teach them that tough hands are more beautiful a thing than any fancy car
And that your word is better than a written contract

I pray that you know what the smell of a brush branding fire is like
And the gut feeling of happiness every time you choke a cow or rope a bull

The feeling of excitement and need for coffee in the early 3am mornings of work
And the feeling of watching the red sun rise as you trot out 

I pray you know what it is like to hold hands around an old ranch table at night and say grace

To work hard

To protect your rights

To dance the night away

To win rodeos

To love without fear

I pray you know what it is like, to be a cowboy.
Thank You, Adrian, for being such an amazing role model for young and old!
Rancher Girl

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