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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lost Treasure

Hey there!

If you follow me on social media, you know I have been busy in the Rancher Girl Designs workshop all summer.
I have completed several projects, which I will blog later.

Today, I wanted to tell you about some vintage finds I found while scavenging some barn wood for projects.

There is this barn, on one of our land leases.
 It honestly speaks to my soul!

Off to the side and throughout this pasture are piles of tin, barn wood and just plain rubbish, including but not limited to; rusted metal, old feed sacks, blocks, bricks, tires, and the like...
This is where I tend to scavenge.

I pulled off a section of old fencing.
It was holding down some rusted barn tin.
Under the rusted tin was a red plastic milk crate.
The milk crate was covered with an old tattered blanket.
I hesitantly and so very slowly pulled the blanket out of the milk crate.
Fearful of a snake or mouse or other varmint jumping out at me, because I had disturbed his home.
Thankfully, no one was home!
Under the blanket were these perfectly secure and unharmed treasures!

  A Tamac Pottery Tumbler!
The pattern is Frosty Pine.
It's value is about $20.
Perry, Okla is our home town!
What an amazing piece of history!

 You sure don't see many of these things now days!

 A single Pressed Carnival Iridescent Glass Candle Holder.
It's value is about $12.

 A Harker Pottery Cameoware Sugar Bowl with Lid in Pink!
This is such a pretty piece and is in pristine condition!
It's value is unknown, as I can't seem to find one in pink.
I have found one in blue, valued at $30.

I don't see this being used as a sugar bowl in my house.
I see it sitting on my dresser or makeup area.
(these are the only places in my house that "pretty things" are allowed)
It may hold ear rings, bobby pins, cotton balls, or even q tips.

Last but not least is this Pyrex 3 Cup Teardrop Measuring Cup Bowl with Pour Spout!
This is going to be a keeper, as it has already found it's place in my cabinet next to my other Pyrex measuring bowls.
It's a perfect fit, with the handle setting over the cusp of my hand, between my forefinger and thumb.
I see this little gem being used a lot in my kitchen!

All of these finds are dated to the 1940's.
None hold much dollar value.
I'm sure each one has a story to tell.
They were important to someone, at some time and place.

I will keep them safe.
Use them as needed.
Enjoy each piece.
Give them a new story and place in history.
All the while, wonder who placed them under that tin and why!

Rancher Girl

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