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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Count Down To Arrival

One month from today, Little Miss Bower Marie is due to arrive!
 Can you feel this MooMaw's excitement!?!?!

Little Miss Bower Marie was the guest of honor at the most beautiful baby shower ever!
Hosted by her Aunties, she and her Mommy and Daddy were highlighted in so many ways.

Her Mommy and Daddy's baby photos were displayed throughout the room.
There were four vintage display jars with their photos, which made great take home gifts for the grandmas!
Great Idea!

Photos were attached to balloons, floating around the room too!

 A coffee and hot chocolate bar!


That cake!

Let's not forget the gifts!
So Many Gifts!
So Many Wonderful Blessings of Gifts!

This is a face of shock, concentration, and clear understanding.
Mommy was opening up Bower's Spurs!
Ironically, this was the first gift her Mommy opened.
If you don't know the story of our family and spurs, you can read it here.
Those of you that do know the story, these spurs are the child's spurs given to Grandma B during My Daddy's memorial service.
Upon Grandma's passing, I asked, when the time was right, if the spurs could be returned to me.
When The Big Kids told us they were expecting, the time was right!
Even more so, when they decided to name the baby my family name!
Those spurs belong to Little Miss Bower!
They will forever provide her with protection, a reminder of her heritage, and a gift from PaPa.

Oh the stories her Daddy will tell her when she asks about them and what they are.
I so want to be a fly on the wall, to watch and listen!
Speaking of wall....
And Heritage...
MooPaw and I had these photos framed for Bower's room and new house.
 Note that she will forever have her MooPaw's phone number!
I mean, really....
Who do you call when Mommy and Daddy tell you "NO"?
Many other fabulous gifts and books!
The request, on the invitation, was "A Book For Baby".
Bring a singed book instead of a card.
What an additional gift!
Most small children's books can be purchased for the cost of a nice card.
Bower now has her own library of books!
Some Used.
Some New.
Some Special.
I made sure to provide her Daddy's two favorite books from his toddler years.
Bower's Mommy's childhood babysitter gifted Mommy's bible, from when she was little!
So Special! 

That Special Aunt made Little Miss Bower Marie this Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket, as well as, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and several other handmade baby necessity items.
She's just crafty like that!
There were also two handmade baby quilts gifted by Granny B, but made by her niece.
Quilts are always a baby or wedding gift from Granny B.
Although her eyes and hands won't allow her to quilt any longer, there is always a proper gift from our 93 year old Granny!
Little Miss Bower Marie will have these her entire life.
They can be passed to her children and grand children.
That Special Aunt also made a gift for MooMaw's house!
It is the cutest kite blanket ever!
"Good Night Cowgirl"
By Glenn Dromgoole
Illustrated by Barbra Clack
I am so excited to read this to Bower!
So fitting!

Mommy is blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends!
The day of the shower the weather was a winter mix of snow and rain.
These girls drove Mommy to and from the shower.
They had about a 45 mile drive across Osage Country in Northern Oklahoma.
If anyone knows that part of the state, the weather can turn bad within the length of their drive.
Thank You, Ladies, for keeping Mommy and Little Miss Bower Marie safe!
We can now mark out that 6, and replace it with 4!
Not that this MooMaw is rushing anything!
Little Miss Bower Marie can stay captive within her Mommy as long as she needs,

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