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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stumble Upon the Beauty

Have you ever known a place, a property, a location or an area?
I mean really known the place?
Like every nook and cranny?
Every bend and turn?
Every hill, rock and stream?

You stumble upon something you have never seen before, at that place?

I did this a few weeks back!

Flower Boy, Drewman and I were searching for a baby.
We happened to be in a bottom valley leading to the pond.
I have played in this little valley many times as a child.
The property is the 160 acres just north of the original homestead of Rockin' B Ranch.

 I spent summers running this valley, while spending time with my grandparents.
I have never ever seen this!
 The pool of water was crystal clear!
 It was alive with toads, frogs, and tadpoles!
 Now for a Rancher Girl that loves all those things...
 How could I have missed this spot my entire life?
 As I sat admiring this beauty I had stumbled upon,
 The baby calf sat, watching my every move!
I never looked up to see him watching me.
 I must have been awe struck!
 What I did notice, was the girls were as still as statues and fixed on something above us.
 Once I saw the calf, I gave a whistle and an arm signal to the guys.
They quickly came and tagged the baby.
If there is a moral to this story, it would have to be...

Never be to busy searching for something and fail to stumble upon the beauty at your feet!

Rancher Girl

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