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Monday, March 23, 2015

Moo Cow Monday ~ How Now Brown Cow?

You have all seen us speak about "Black Cows".
When we post on social media, the hashtag #BlackCows is normally used, if we are posting about the cattle.
We also use #IamAngus, because Cletus, the herd bull, is a registered Angus bull, Jr, the heifer bull, is an Angus crossbred bull, and most of our cows have Angus influence.

Last week, we had our first Mot Face calf born.
 We have two Mot Faced mommas and one Bald Face momma in our herd.
Typically when they calve, their babies look like them.
While tagging the calf, it was raining, therefore, the calf and momma were pretty wet.
I thought the calf was much lighter then the other calves, but again, whilst tagging you really don't have enough time to pay attention to color detail.
You are checking the overall health of the calf and making sure momma isn't getting the tagger.
No one needs to be stressed, so tagging is done as quickly and easily as possible, making sure momma and baby are paired back together, so momma can take baby to where she feels safe.

Fast forward two days, because this momma, Dona (we have talked about her before), doesn't like to bring her baby up.
It seems to be a control thing with her...
Do you see it?

The close up...

That calf is REALLY brown!

Now, I know my genetics.
I have an Animal Science degree.
Genetics was one of my most favorite courses.

Most bald face or mot face cattle come from a Hereford and an Angus cross breeding.
Typically the black in the Angus is the dominant and the Hereford marks the white.
This is why momma (Dona) is black with white face markings.

It is rare that a Angus/Hereford Momma bred to a registered Angus bull would produce a brown calf.
But it did!
 How Now Brown Cow?

Rancher Girl

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