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Monday, November 17, 2014


Over the past week, you have seen us use #Thankful4Ag in many social media posts.
Last week, we even gave you a sneak peek of what we were doing.

#Thankful4Ag is a social initiative that will help provide up to 200,000 meals to Americans struggling with hunger this holiday season.

We were contacted by Bayer CropScience to create a digital meal, or at least a dish.

#Thankful4Ag invites people to visit and create a “digital meal” showcasing three of their favorite classic holiday foods.

The wheels were turning!
I contacted a good friend and fellow blogger, Okie Girl at The Twisted Pro.
This girl is an amazing artist and photographer.
I could not have done this project without her help.
She designed the video!

A recipe was chosen.

We wanted to create something with locally grown products.
Okie Girl has a pear tree growing in her back yard!
We also put a little Oklahoma spin on our recipe.
"A recipe isn't a set of rules, it's a set of guidelines." ~ Okie Girl

Ingredients were purchased.

Saturday evening, while the guys were watching the OSU ball game, Okie Girl and I got to work.
So much work that we peaked the guy's interest.
It was a wonderful night, at the ranch, with great friends.

Now for the video...
#Thankful4Ag and for great friends!

 How can you help? Create and share a digital meal at and share via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or your favorite social media channel using the #Thankful4Ag hashtag.

For every meal created, or #Thankful4Ag hashtag used, from November 10-December 19, Bayer will donate $1, up to $20,000 to Feeding America. $1=10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of member food banks.

We encourage you, to do your part, to stop hunger this holiday season.

Thank you, Bayer CropScience for this opportunity.
Rancher Girl

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